Forsaken is all about having fun, we host game and movie nights on Roblox during different times so people from around the world can enjoy them. We are mainly focussing on just hanging out with people and talking to them! We also have an NSFW channel for some people out there! Besides game nights and chilling with awesome people we talk about diffrent games and do our best to make sure everyone has someone to play with, name a game and we have it or will be happy to add it. When it comes down to rules we do not have many but they are to be followed as we are very strict! Getting into the server requires a Bloxlink verification so having a roblox account is required! The staff is very friendly and you can always DM them if you have an issue with someone, they will resolve it for you! Thats about all there is to Forsaken Dreams, have fun and stay safe!!

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