The Dawn Of Hope is a caring mental heath and general community discord server with 1500+ members and counting that not only has an outstanding amount of activities everyday along with extremely engaged members, however, we also have a unique bond between everyone with a goal of creating the feeling of belonging and family.

What makes us so special and unique?

  • Extremely professional moderators who are always there for our members.

  • Moderation Support chat to ping our moderation team with any concerns.

  • If you wish to partner with us, no problem!!! our server loves helping others to grow along side us! To setup a partnership, just head to our moderator support channel, and ping @Partnership Manager.

  • Family based environment suitable for all ages.

  • Mental health is prioritized within our server using support channels and programs made for YOU!

  • Multiple self-assignable roles that you can apply to identify yourself within our server.

  • 50+ chats alone dedicated solely to things our members have wanted, from photography and art to gaming and debate!

  • 20+ Voice Chats for getting together with members.

  • Suggestion channel for YOU to recommend changes and additions for our server.

  • Weekly moderator meetings with new ideas every week.

  • Monthly meetings to keep everyone in the loop.


Our server is always looking for new people to join us as we are building an amazing community for all of our wonderful members! Feel free to check us out! If you have any questions, you can ping @tiktokcomedycounselor (Gamer) within the server! We hope to see you there!


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