?3rd New Jersey Regiment?

The 3rd New Jersey is a milsim unit recruiting members in the NA and EU time zones! Public servers can be hell for teamwork. Even if you enjoy the chaos, sometimes you want a solid group to line up and pour the lead out! We take pride in training hard so we can deploy as a well-oiled machine during events. We follow period-accurate rank structures and drill manuals. Whether we're skirmishing or holding the line - the 3rd NJ makes its presence known on the field.

That said we know when to relax. You can find us playing everything from the Total War series to Phasmophobia. And yes, nerding out over Civil War history. If you want a more organized War of Rights experience with a group that knows how to have fun, stop by the Discord at 3rdnj.com.

• Veteran Officers and NCOs playing since 2017 • Casey's Manual •NA and EU Drill and Event Times •Private Drill Server • No Drama

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