The Horizon Network has been created and founded under the principles of engaging, realistic, appealing and practical roleplay. Horizon Network has very strict policies in regards to common & renowned misdemeanours on FiveM roleplay and aims to limit violation of basic roleplay rules to a large extent, to enable every member, man or woman on the server to have a great experience. Horizon Network allows for any roleplay within realism and probability, whether you are a member of a cartel, a law abiding citizen, a drug dealer, an employed emergency service member or a bank owner, we will endorse your roleplay choice and encourage unique, continuous characters, where these characters may build a story, make long lasting relationships with other members experiencing the sheer enjoyment and pleasure that you may perceive when being connected to our network. Our High Staff work continuously, day by day to ensure that your roleplay is fun and thrilling, and go distances to allow different choices of roleplay to become possible by means of server development. We thank all of our members who have decided to apply to join our network, and who are willing to dedicate themselves to our departments and experience the Horizon Network’s forever evolving roleplay. You, as a member of Horizon Network, make our roleplay possible, and for that, we thank you all and hope we can support and provide entertainment for months & years to come.

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