upon these unknown shore you reach a new horizon like never seen before a place almost otherworldly within the new found reign of Velos lies mysteries and curiosities for what do you seek riches? Adventure? knowledge long forgotten? you nay find it here or perhaps an early grave, but take heed you are here now, what you make is up to you, what you choose to do within the walls of this makeshift city brought about by those much like you adventurers, travelers, exploders, refugee... but any more is your conquest your story all you must do is either leap or reach out and take it.

The boat breaks through the tree line, and ahead of you rises an enormous mound of water. It towered above you in ancient splendor, the pinnacle seeming to brush the sky. Around it, the waves grew to be more treacherous. The crew propels the boat toward the most difficult part of the waves. You're surprised when the waves part for them, forming an arch that the boat floats beneath, before settling back with a loud splash.

The boat sails straight at the side of the hill without slowing. The mound neither opened up nor moved aside in any way; you float into the hill and through, sending a shiver all the way down your spine to your toes.

A massive dock and courtyard stretches before you, a great circular platform of ivory pillars, marble statues, and flowering trees being seen a fair distance away. Fountains hurled geysers of water into the air, multicolored lights danced over the pools. Strains of music reached my ears, a combination of harps and drums, strings and flutes, bells and whistles, somehow lively and melancholy at the same time. As the boat comes to a halt, you hear one of the sailors shout to the others as they anchor the boat to the dock, "We've arrived the city of Twilight!"

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