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Tengoku Junction is a community that caters to all anime, manga, and gaming fandoms. Unleash your inner weeb with us! Here’s a little bit about our server:

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Diverse roles that allow you to β€˜tailor’ your Tengoku experience with a fantastical aesthetic

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Chance game bots like Mudae

β•Œβœ§βœ§ A variety of customized emoji β€” you can even request some!

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Gaming events, movie nights, and anime streams from major streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Music channels and jam sessions, come vibe!

β•Œβœ§βœ§ An expanding role-play sister server in the works, as well as a directory leading to other magical places...

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Channels dedicated to β€˜daily life’ β€” we love learning more about our members!

β•Œβœ§βœ§ A creative corner catering to artists of all kinds with events, such as Creator of the Month

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Secret perks for our special server boosters as well as a chance to promote yourself!

β•Œβœ§βœ§ Staff-run giveaways β€” monthly or yearly Nitro drops included! Look out for Madness Mondays...

β•Œβœ§βœ§ NSFW 18+ category with special events, such as Water Wigglie Wednesdays: a NSFW ASMR laugh fest!

?β‚ŠΛšβ€βž· And so much more! ?β‚ŠΛš.

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