Welcome to Vault 38! Like many vaults before, it was created for the sole purpose of collecting data on its occupants. Some vaults used more extreme hypotheses as their basis for their experiments, but this vault was simple, it was created to mirror the old world in all its forms. Just like the old world, this vault would be broken up and separated into classes. You are born into a class, either Upper, Middle or Lower class. This class is where you start, but it may not be where you end. The Upper class has the fewest occupants, but lives in a life of luxury with a higher salary then those in the lower classes, for these reasons they must strive to protect what they have by any means necessary. The middle class, which is the most populated of the three works hard to keep their spot safe. Just like the middle class of the Old World these dwellers live in comfort and are paid fairly, but also strives to earn a spot higher up the class system. The lower class though abundant in occupants has less space than the other areas of the vault. Where some members of the upper, and middle class have quarters all to themselves, the lower class quarters are made to hold entire families in the same unit, leaving little room for expansion. The lower class does have one exception to this rule. This exception is in the form of extremely large quarters, reserved for certain criminal elements residing in the vault. These quarters have rooms to hold up to ten members quite comfortably, and include workstations and supplies in order to keep a steady stream of chems flowing through the vault. As well as small arms to protect or antagonize the locals. These three systems all have checks and balances to them, and each are watched carefully by the Overseer himself who has not only the vault security at his command, but has the best robotics money could buy armed and ready for any threat both foreign.or domestic. The main goal of this vault is to see the American dream at work. To watch how its dwellers react to the class system, and to see how its all affected when one person wields full power over its inhabitants. How will you effect the story. Will you start from the bottom and work your way to the top by any means necessary? Will you use your politics and cunning wit to keep you and your family safe at the top of the food chain. Will you start a gang to rival to sling chems and make money from the safety of the lower class? The possibilities are endless, but the choice is your!

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