welcoмe тo тнe eradιcaтιøn clan нq. we are a new υpcoмιng coмpeтιтιve clan ιn тнe call oғ dυтy: мoвιle coммυnιтy. тнιѕ clan waѕ ғoυnded on 4/20/20. We are already a top 50 clan and we have some very competitive ranked players. ERADICATIØN was вυιlт ғroм тнe groυnd υp aғтer ι waѕ υnaвle тo ғιnd a clan тнaт нad proper leaderѕнιp wιтн playerѕ wнo acтυally coммυnιcaтed and played ranĸed тogeтнer. we are ιn need oғ acтιve playerѕ wanтιng тo grow wιтн υѕ тo вecoмe one oғ тнe вeѕт. wιтн dedιcaтιon and тιмe we нope тo reacн тнe тop oғ тнe codм coммυnιтy wнιle мaĸιng ғrιendѕ along тнe way. we welcoмe yoυ тo ιnтeracт wιтн oтнer мeмвerѕ oғ тнe coммυnιтy. pleaѕe вe reѕpecтғυl oғ one anoтнer and тнanĸ yoυ ғor joιnιng тнe ѕerver.


❖ Inner scrims ❖ Clan Scrims ❖ Inner tournaments ❖ Team Rank Grind ❖ A community to talk to and to hang out with

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