So, here's why I have decided to create this server.

In a stroke of sheer genius, Riot has decided to launch their second major IP title without the Solo-queue feature, a game mode so popular in League Of Legends, that apparently Riot wanted to see if their new game could survive without it (a self imposed "hard mode" I guess?).

Regardless, this travesty of game design has lead me down a dark path filled with conflicting languages, a rapid collapse of coherent team play and, suffice to say, a fast and hard stomping I have never seen the likes of since my last girlfriend.

Seeing that I am probably not alone in this experience, I figured a dedicated team play server was necessary, so that we may unite in our efforts to **CRUSH THE OTHER TEAM BENEATH OUR MIGHTY HEEL! ** ...

Ahem but yes, feel free to queue up and have fun!

Our aim is to ease the transition from being a solo player, and help you improve overall as a player by making "team" in team work for you. We all personally feel that if you have your own team constructed by you (the player) rather than the amazing match making system consisting of over 200 spoken European languages... your chances of winning might just be slightly higher...

But what do we know! why dont you join us and find out for yourself?

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