It might sound strange but this server is meant for competitive Rocket League players who want to be a part of a community. This server has specific roles for your highest in-game rank and has text channels to show you your rank stats and a team finder within the community. (NOTE: it only searches within the community, not outside of it) This server is a new and budding server but the people running it, including me, are planning on going pro. With our mindsets on that, we plan to improve as quickly as possible to achieve our goal. Once we feel the community has shown worthy of being competitive, we will start to have community Tournaments. This community will house all platforms and will be a US-East server that will allow participants throughout the US. The plan for this server is to have a community that can work within itself to become the best that it can be. If you are trying to figure out a new mechanic, you will be able to look for help in a mechanic improvement text chat. At the moment, we have a twitch tab that only shows when the official RocketLeague stream is up and a Reddit chat that shows when new content is posted on r/RocketLeague. Once this server gains 100 community members, we plan to upgrade our server bot to make the community experience more enjoyable.

After playing a few years with only three of my friends, our motivations barely varied. With each of us searching the web to improve, we weren't able to expand our ideas enough to have particular points of view that would help improve faster. This is way more prominent nowadays where we seem stuck at diamond 3 champ 1 territory. We started about 1-2 years ago and we were all gold. A buddy of mine and I were able to get to diamond ourselves within this time period. Then we picked up someone who was gold and showed him how to "play". After a while of playing, he now has roughly the same skill set as my buddy and I. Now I tell you this example because this is how I want this community to run. With people who plan on getting better and people willing to show them new things. I wish for this community to be a warm welcome to all who wish on improving competitively in Rocket League. This idea came to me one night during quarantine and my thought was that it's really boring at home and only playing with a handful of friends. I thought that if a server was made for this purpose, lots of people who are also stuck at home playing with a handful of friends can become part of a community.

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