If you a fan of Fire Force or if you just want to meet new people then we would love to welcome you to the Fire Force Discord community!

We are a server dedicated to bring you the latest developments from the series, including manga news, merchandise releases, cast updates and more. Our goal is to unite both cast and community into one centralized location!

++We offer the following perks:++

⭐ Opportunities to meet the shows cast and affiliated companies via AMA's!

? A leveling system based off the show!

? A community full of anime lovers!

? An art section full of talented creators!

? Streaming events server/community hosted!

? Anime news of the latest popular releases!

⚡ Links for the Fire Force Series/Manga!

? A variety of games to play!

? Themed Server Events!

? 384kbps Audio Quality

? Full perks of a Tier 3 Booster Server!

? A variety of chat commands to express how you feel! And many more!!!!

❤️ ++AMA's Hosted:++ Maki (Sarah Roach) | Inca (Madeleine Morris) Huang (Brianna Roberts) | Hikeshi Spirit (Merchandise distributor)

We are also looking to affiliate with other manga/anime communities around our member count, if you match this requirement or if you are part of a server that does then contact Shou#0666 for enquiries!

? https://twitter.com/FireForce_DC https://discord.gg/fireforce

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