Are you a fan of Fire Force or just an Anime Lover? Then ild love to welcome you to our community!

We are a Fire Force server (Tier 2 Boosted) tailored to match your needs, currently season 2 has ended so we are an all purpose anime/social server until the release of season 3!

We offer the following perks:

  • A community full of anime lovers!

  • An art section full of talented creators!

  • Movie Nights self and community hosted!

  • Anime news of the latest popular releases!

  • Links for FireForce Series/Manga!

  • A leveling system based off the show!

  • A variety of games including Mudae & Pokecord

  • Themed Server Events!

  • 256kbps Audio Quality!

  • A variety commands to express how you feel!?

  • And many many more!!!!

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