HEY! YOU HEAR ME ? oh sorry i was just trying to get rid of this ugly bird ? wait a minute.. is that a chicken? Anyways hello and welcome to my lovely home. i call it the dumb lair. cuz its dumb. you get the point. Anyways so dumb discords is a fun lil hangout server with custom roles and stuff. lets go over some stuff that we do

  • [ ] HAVING FUN
  • [ ] being dumb
  • [ ] goofin off
  • [ ] using too many emojis
  • [ ] having too many staff
  • [ ] being made by a smart dude who actually likes being dumb
  • [ ] thats it

Epic right? what else ask da owner for a role and you shall get it. seriously one dude asked for somethin. and i gave back. ye back back **


we act dumb

i dont wanna write anymore sooo HAVE A GREAT DAY and join please. like at the time of writing we have like not even 30 members. seriously join. please ?

** ibrahimtgd - owner ? james - owner ?

hey you still here. well enjoy a chicken ?



we never knew why there was a chicken. ther just was. mc chicken berg said

chicken need justice moo moo cow? mc chicken berg

and uh

!your a cow oh and if you dont follow the rules

now bye **

bold text cool ok now bye

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