The DND Lounge - we're a community of DND Players, that is not rare - but what is rare is our openness, friendliness, and engagement with all levels of player, from a newbie to a veteran. Our Head DM, Spencer, hosts games weekly, which are completely open to play in when a campaign ends, and other DMs will be starting soon.

At present our games can be compatible with all time zones, with a Monday GMT and AUS game, and a Saturday GMT and CST (EST etc.) game.

Our group of players in the server is great at role-play and adapting to new people - and I believe they're some of the best people I have ever played DND with.

if you want to DM a game the DND Lounge is also the place to be, our player base is wonderful and we are open to any new DMs hosting on our server, this would grant you access to the player base and we'd be incredibly happy to have you! Our server is friendly for everyone, and will be a great place to switch your DND'ing too.

I hope to see you in the lounge!

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