Warm welcome! We're Gameaning studio, an indie game studio with founders and contributors from all over the world.

Our great community is the backbone of our success. We believe that each one is unique, each one has his own style and his own place in this world.

We've chose the world of game development to be the embodiment and manifestation of our vision. Each one of us can let his personality and uniqueness exude from within into a 2D, or 3D world, manifested through a character, environment, animation or a whole game!

Therefore, we strove to make a place for people sharing the same passion in everything related to game development, people who want to learn, help each others, and having fun while so.

Let us be the lanterns in each others' route, let us be generous enough to help and share opinions to rise together!

For all artists; animators, modelers, and developers, Welcome home!

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