Litt is a new website for finding activity partners. We are currently rolling out in New York City but plan to be available globally once we've ironed out the kinks. Join and provide feedback on the website and app. We will build what you think is best!

Join our discord to learn about business, entrepreneurship, chat with the founders and learn programming. We typically discuss javascript, python, django, react native, expo, sql, amazon web services and anything else tech related. We also discuss validating ideas quickly and cheaply with digital ads and nocode landingpages. We teach each other marketing, copywriting, digital ad strategy, incorporating, venture capital, user research, business, passive income, cryptocurrency and more!

Founded in 2018 we have launched on the apple app store, google play store and we have a webapp at We are a startup and are going through the growing pains of a startup. For example we learned that it is easier to get people to use a webapp than a phoneapp. Learn what has cost us time and money to learn, join now!

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