Fylm TV is a streaming startup committed to growing and supporting the indie community. We're building a platform that will provide independent creators with access to viewers, production resources, community channels, and monetization opportunities for current and future film and TV projects.

The platform consists of multiple parts as follows:

VIEWERS: Unlimited streaming, always free. Optional subscription for exclusive content and special events. Able to support creators by contributing to crowdfunding campaigns, donating, or purchasing merchandise.

FILMMAKERS: Once accepted, we'll purchase the rights to their film up-front or offer a revenue share of ads run before and after their films. They'll be able to sell merchandise, crowdfund for future projects, and connect with businesses who wish to sponsor them and help develop future projects.

INDUSTRY PARTNERS: WIll be able to run ad campaigns managed by a dedicated manager. Ads will be targeted to a relevant audience tied to certain films that will create the best ROI. Partners will also be able to acquire talent, sponsor, and work with filmmakers to help make their projects a reality.

We will also be partnering with film festivals, competitions, incubators, and event promotors who will provide our filmmakers and business partners with ways to increase viewership, brand, and project exposure even more.

The platform is expected to launch in January 2021, but we recently launched our Discord channel to allow viewers, creators, and industry partners to meet, collaborate, and receive updates on our progress without the need to wait until completion.

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