Leave The City is a open-world modern fantasy roleplay. With several Factions to join, or fight, and problems and tensions between characters, Leave The City puts your character right in the middle of several growing factions and kingdoms, where they can choose their own adventure. Make friends, or enemies. Meet Gods, and leaders. Help, or destroy. The choices influence how each leader sees and notices characters.

In Leave the City, conflicts arise, and plotlines shift in and out of focus. Several themes have been played out, including the Dragons' Fall Uprising, where Kito Holmes (Now King Kito) captured a city of the Kingdom of Glass, in order to bring an end to the corrupted and Dispair craving King, Dan. After a long war, Kito won, and King Dan was executed for his crimes.

Now, Kito, left with a whole kingdom to take care of, and the return of an old assassin clan, he must make choices to survive.

Come join in on the fun that is Leave The City, where we create plotlines and characters that we all love and enjoy. Meet new friends, and roleplay out your ideas!

We ask of you not to Godmod, Railroad, or Metagame. This Roleplay is not for those under 13 years of age. Please use "" when roleplaying, and describe action outside of that. Example: he paused, pursing his lips, "This is quite the issue..."

In Time I Will Leave The City... For now. I will stay.

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