Are you looking for a community where you can share your interests about marine biology? Do you want a chill place to hang out and talk about ocean creatures? Is fishing, diving, or traveling a hobby of yours? If you said yes to any of those then The Ocean Home is the place for you!

We have channels for multiple things:

-Beach pics: Post pictures of beaches you like to visit or planning on visiting

-Fishing/Diving: Share your interest about fishing or diving with people equally interested

-Boats: Talk about boats and other cool forms of water travel

-Sea Food: Describe your favorite fish dishes and where you like to eat it at

-Fish Art: Display your wondrous drawings of sea life

We have categories dedicated to:

-Different types of sea creatures, like cephalopods, crustaceans, and many more!

-Discussions, debates, and fun facts about the ocean and other aquatic life

-Different channels to voice chat with people about anything

Not interested in marine biology? Join our off-topic chatter! Or play with our many bots

And all that hasn't even scratched the surface on what the server is about!

Become a member of The Ocean Home today!

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