Welcome to [ One Piece: Odyssey ], where the wall between reality and fiction fades to nothing, and where your dreams become reality. Embark on a whole new adventure in a brand new, yet familiar world. Be you a swordsman, martial artist, or even a carpenter, surely you shall find what you are looking for in Odyssey!

The legendary inventor Daedalus has ventured further than any mortal has done so before him, and has found his way into the far reaches of the Grand Line, yet the knowledge is for no ordinary man. He returned, the ramblings of a madman leaving his mouth. And he has disappeared for oh so very long as the world was slowly ravaged, natural disasters striking the land day after day. Then it happened.

His voice echoed from every Den Den Mushi across the world, and the grim reality of things became clear. Everything had been elaborately planned - storms ravaging the Calm Belt, the waters of Reverse Mountain halting as the world itself was fractured. They were now a part of his sick games - stuck in the [ Blue Labyrinth ].


What we offer:

[•] Friendly and active staff members.

[•] A decently literate environment.

[•] A stat system that has been set in place to allow for nearly any idea you have floating within your head.

[•] An all-new setting in a world that seems familiar, yet is not quite as you remember it to be.

[•] A haven for your creativity to unleash itself.

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