Art Place

Here at Art Place, we are accepting of everyone, we will not tolerate any form of homophobia and or racism. Now I might sound boring, but trust me, the owner is really fun! So, what do we have in Art Place? Well, let me tell you! First, we have the thing you would expect.


So, here we go. First offence is a warning, then a kick and third is a ban.

1. Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated

2. No NSFW of any kind.

3. Do not ping people excessively.

4. Try to keep things in the right channel.

5. No spam(unless it's memes in the meme chats).

6. Respect everyone, including mods.

7. Keep it in its channel

Ok, so now that the boring stuff is out of the way, we have our ROLES!!!


Just to clarify early on, @D&D accounts for all tabletop RPGs and @Nerd is not meant to be derogatory in any way at all, now that that's all out of the way, ON WITH THE ROLES!!!

@Weeb role we have:





and #anime-lore

@Sporty role we have:









and #running

Under [email protected] role we have:






Under the @HACKER MAN, @D&D and @Nerd role we have:






and #coding

You will only gain access to these channels after you gain the required role/roles.

Weekly Art is a challenge given out to everyone by Botto!!! Every week he will give everyone a topic and if you want, you can take part in the challenge by either painting, drawing, making, sculpting etc.


At the moment of writing this (1/08/202 dd/mm/yyyy), we are a relatively small server, but if we ever become a larger server the need for more moderators will arise, in which case, I will write up a Google Forums for mod applications, as of now, I can say that some of the questions will be "Have you ever had any experience in Discord moderation? If so, how much and how large was/is the server/servers", "Are you an active member in our community?" and "Have you gotten kicked for breaking a rule? If so you can not become a mod, but if it was only a warning, with revision, you may not be eligible for moderation depending on the severity of the reason you got a warning.

Thank you for reading!!! We'd love it if you joined us!!! THANK YOU!!!

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