The Continent of Andrios is in upheaval, a great change is coming and it will be ushered in with fire and sword.

The Year is 1020 in the Age of Fire and for the countless kingdoms, republics and tribes locked in constant warfare, not much has changed par from the cruel and terrifying innovations that accentuate the brutality of man.

The continent yearns for a great leader, who will drive their nation from one of obscurity, to an empire of great influence and power, one that will reap the full benefits of a land full of endless possibilities and unimaginable wealth.

Will you answer the call? Will your dreams of conquest and commerce come into fruition? It will be up to you to decide your fate. Will your characters prevail? Or will they simply die trying?

In this role play, you will create a nation, and a hierarchy to rule it , as you interact with many others in a bid to see your ambitions become reality. In the land where "The Sword Reigns Supreme", alliances will be forged and many more will be broken, wars will be fought and peace will be brokered, traders will grow fat and rich or see their goods mercilessly looted, empires will rise and many will fall.

In the coming years, Andrios will be even more turbulent than it ever has been before. Like a raging storm, it will little room for weakness. Andrios will be a land for the fierce, the intelligent and the opportunistic. In this dogmatic era of rising states, only one thing remains assured, In this game of nations

The Winner, Takes, All

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