Hey y’all. My name is Colon. I’ve been a member of the Danganronpa Fandom for about two to three years now. And I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to create my own fan game. After taking about a year off to start building sprites and plot points, I finally learned how to code and made my own demo of my fan game -> Danganronpa: Despair’s Revival. So once again thanks for inspiring me to give back the community.

That being said, I just put out a casting call for artists, voice actors, animators, video editors and musicians. I’m trying to have this be the best fan game that it can be and by making this a team effort i think it can be something that’s really cool and that’s never been done before. I’ll link the casting call page at the bottom, but as of now all spots are open and there’s a working demo if you click it and watch the video.

This server is dedicated to spreading the word of the fan game and for updates about the fan game and all that's going on with it. So, feel free to join and apply as either a voice actor, artist or musician or anything else that the project might need.

Once again thanks so much, it’d mean a lot of you went and checked it out. Hope to see you join team despair. -Colon


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