Hands down the best new and upcoming stock and options trading server for those that are busy and on the go. With the recent addition of our Options Analyst (1.2 mil in profits over an 8 month period) we make it easy to enter and exit trades by doing the work for you. All you have to do is pull the trigger.

We are pleased and honored to announce Ninja (OG) as our community options analyst. His most recent achievement is at 1.2 million dollar gain over an 8 month period. We realize that not everyone can sit in front of a computer all day. By following his live trade alert channel you too can grow your account no matter how busy life gets.

In addition we have TSLA and SPY algo that predicts highs and lows plus trade alerts for lots of symbols, live trading room and more . We have an 87% win rate in our options trading room. Best of all its FREE. Join our new community today. https://discord.gg/fmEsP7Z

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