Hey there, welcome to CS:GO Trading Lab!

This discord server is for CSGO Traders and Players, Other communities welcome! If any questions arise, just message me:) -------------------------------TRADING/INVESTMENTS-------------------------------

  • Don't beg for items as you will be demoted or suspended from the server

  • If you are new and want to learn how to avoide getting scammed visit the scam channel

  • Only advertise trades in the appropriate text chats

  • We are only trading items, that means no advertise for selling/buying

  • If you are new to trading etc. visit the #what-is-trading channel

  • If you are looking for good investments visit our #Investments Channels

  • We also provide giveways so check them out #giveways


  • Don't spam in any chats or you will be temporarily muted
  • Don't beg for items or insult other
  • Be respectful to your enviroment
  • Use appropriate channels for the appropriate reasons

!And the most important-be active and friendly all the time!

That's it:) We hope you stay and enjoy your time here at the CS:GO Trading Lab!

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