come join mother truckers!

what we have to offer:

✦ a clean, well made and maintained server with plenty of fun channels and bots for the enjoyment of the community.

✦ a variety of emojis for all you nitro users!

✦ reliable moderators that make sure the server is run well and everyone is kept safe within mother truckers.

✦ gamenights hosted often from karaoke to games!

✦ a mental health ticket system so you can vent and speak to anyone at any time when you need it most.

✦ gain new custom levelled roles by talking and being part of the community!

✦ self assignable roles

✦ music and voice channels

✦ open to partnership servers!

we are a new server and we're very excited to grow our community, and we'd love for you to be part of it!


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