Come thru! We are . . .

⭒⭒⭒ Moonlight Tears ⭒⭒⭒

➷⋆‧☽‧‧‧*‧♕‧*‧‧‧☾‧⋆➹‧➷⋆‧☽‧‧‧*‧♕‧*‧‧‧☾‧⋆➹ Step into the night and come into Moonlight Tears. With a new moon cycle comes new beginnings, new friendships, and possibly new relationships. Enjoy your drink and wash your sorrows away. ➷⋆‧☽‧‧‧*‧♕‧*‧‧‧☾‧⋆➹‧➷⋆‧☽‧‧‧*‧♕‧*‧‧‧☾‧⋆➹


? Active ? Non-toxic ? Events/Karaoke/VC ? LGBTQ+ friendly! ? Lots of cute people to meet!


↬come through but leave the toxicity or the exit is right this way sir ↬

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