FactionsXXL A Minecraft Factions Series

Stand together. Stay strong. Fight together. A new factions server, FactionsXXL, with many unique features. The time has come for you to fight on the battlefield. Come join our discord server. Releasing SOON!


Outpost - Gain control over the outpost to gain FPower, Outpost specific item shops, or ore generator

Weapons - We have Pistols, Launchers, AR's and many more that can be crafted or purchased after taking control of the outpost

Vehicles - Gain control of the air, sea, and land - force your enemies to surrender!

Supply Drops - Random drops of loot filled with guns, and ammo.

Battle Ground - Abandoned City where you fight to the death.

Mines - Large area where players can mine for resources.

**Additional Information**

FTOP - 30% of the server's income will go towards the ftop team of the season.
Weekly Raffle - Can enter by referring people to the server or donating
WorldBorder - 40K

Discord: https://discord.gg/9UTCmuD

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