This is the newest FLCL discord server. We can chill out here and talk about FLCL and what we like and don't like about it. Or we can talk about something else, we have a channel for everyone's hobbies. If you're into football, asketball, baseball, etc. There's a channel for you. If you're into comic nooks, manga, music, art, you get the idea. There's a channel for everyone! We also have an nsfw channel if you want to get freaky like that (lol) We allow and accept everyone into our server even if you don't know about FLCL. We have watch parties and game streaming and other events going on. Most of us are mature enough and we can have deep conversations about what's going on about the world whether it's inside or outside. We have plenty FLCL emotes and roles for the fans that I think you guys will enjoy! So basically what we have here in this server is a FLCL-Themed discord server that is accessible and welcoming to everyone! Join to have all this cool stuff on your discord.

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