♇luto <3

꒰ * welcome to ♇luto <3 ”♡ᵎ꒱ˀˀ ↷ ⋯


what is ♇luto <3?

a chill, community-based discord server focused on the experience of the members. ♇luto <3 is a great place to hangout, make new friends, talk, or just use our amazing bots. ♇luto <3 is sfw, though we have an 18+ nsfw channel. along with that, ♇luto <3 is semi-active and low toxic. Talk about anime/manga, gaming, and so much more!

what does ♇luto <3 offer?

i. self roles, color roles

ii. many bots

iii. music vcs

iv. selfie channel, pfp channel

v. social channel for promotions of your choice


help grow ♇luto<3 (invite your friends)

we need/are looking for:

active members partnerships (and pms !!)

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