Hey everyone. Welcome to THE WORLDS END SURVIVAL. The snow has melted !!! Our server owner Rhino 360 has spent countless hours changing up some areas on Chernarus. Come on in and check it out! We have very friendly staff to help you out if needed. You will not be disappointed. Find us on the DZSA launcher THE WORLDS END SURVIVAL. IP Port 2302 *** JUST ADDED ----SURVIVAL MISSIONS--HELI TRADER--PELT TRADER--BLACK MARKET Summer Chernarus 1st & 3rd person -- 60 slots – Day 3x night 6x. -- Dark nights PVE – WITH PVP ZONES Base raid weekends. (Can defend your base) PVP in military zones, survival missions and air drops Custom built areas by our server owner RHINO -NEAF upgrades, Zaprudnoe train wreck, Rostoki train wreck, Tikhiyzaliv construction site, crossroad village, Wolf Castle, VMC additions, Skalisty Island, Compound Z Some mods include -Green MNT Trader - Ski Mnt Heli Trader - Pelt trader West of Galkino -Kumyrna trader -Outpost trader -Black market trader

  • MEGA LOOT survival missions (Gold bars 50k-160k) -Cars –Mustangs, RAG_GAZ, VeeDub van, Land-Rover-Defender, TrailBruizer -Helicopters ------Little Bird, Huey, gyrocopter -No crash Helicopters -Flip transport -Car cover -Windstride Clothing -MVS gear -FOX WEAPONS PACK -GoreZ

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