Suko's Community [13+], A server for all talk about Gaming, Anime, Music, or anything really! This server is to bring gamers and weebs together! Our main games are Minecraft, Terraria, Among Us, Roblox, and more!

We are striving to make a community server for gamers, weebs, content creators, etc. This server is also focused on Sukozui who's a YouTuber ^^

? What this server offers:

  • Welcoming and friendly server! This server will remove any toxicity that's being brought in the server!
  • We can't fully agree that this server is active since it was just created.
  • Weekly events and giveaways
  • Booster perks for nitro boosters. Get exclusive features in chat!
  • Organized channels, with rare pings!
  • SFW friendly server any NSFW will get you instantly removed.

We hope to see you join the community and welcome!!

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