Elo Haven , is a premier Boosting team, based in Canada. We offer Apex Legends (PC/PS4/Xbox) & Valorant Boosting, 24/7 Support via Discord . Ranked/Win/Kill/Badge boosting, Open to any requests. 100% legit been boosting for over 5+ years with over 1,000+ confirmed orders combined. we accept paypal or cryptocurrency's if you want to reach us you can do so through Discord @ Ether#6495 (capital E). Why trust, sketchy foreigners and 1$ an hour Andy's ? we do honest work and if you need something done, you dont have to go to these big sites that overcharge for a boost when we use THE SAME BOOSTERS at 1/3rd the cost.

Feel free to message us for any and all questions we would be happy to help!

-Elo haven Support team.

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