Hi people, join my community we play lots of games and do lots of fun activity's like movie/anime night. The games are: League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Overwatch, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2+ more mmo's, Fortnite and Among Us. If something is wrong PM one of the Admins or representatives. Feel free to suggest anything that you think would be cool for the server. We are already thinking of in-game activity's for Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends. Feel free to share this with your friends that you think they would like a server like this. Feel free to join our community we would like you to join and you can read further information in the server. Use the introduction chat to introduce yourself, read the rules and select your roles, then you are good to go. Have lots of fun . Greetings, The Vibe.

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