The House of Gaming

The House of Gaming is a discord server made by TacticaI#2142 on 2020 in the 19th of September. The Server is made for socializing and gaming. The members and staff in the server are friendly and welcome you with open arms. Gamers of all kinds are welcome, PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch. All platforms are allowed, as long as you play video games your welcome here.

Staff Roles Head of Gaming The Head of Gaming is the server owner/creator of "The House of Gaming". They oversee everything that goes on in the server and manage the servers highest ranking members.

Co Head of Gaming The Co Head of Gaming assists the Head in managing the discord server and the staff.

Head of Staff The Head of Staff manages all staff in the server. They manage the applications and decides who gets to stay or gets removed from the staff. They also have a say in major decisions that happens with the discord.

Admins The admins moderate the server with the moderators. Those in this role are trusted and have proven themselves worthy enough for the role.

Mods The Moderators are people who have passed Trail Moderator and moderate the server to enforce the rules and punish anyone who breaks them.

Member Roles Elders The Elders are people who are server veterans and have proven to be good at 2 or more games.

Tryhards Tryhards are people who try their absolute hardest at one game but are not toxic about it

Gamers Gamers are regular server members.

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