Suspects is a diverse community focused on co-op games, though not exclusively. Along with regularly scheduled games and on-command role pings, we host various themed community events. We are a friendly, fair, and accepting group where you're sure to find a spot, whether you're looking to play games or just hang out!

We currently agctively support the following games:

  • Among Us (Goose Goose Duck on the side)
  • Phasmophobia (Ghost Exile on the side)
  • V-Rising
  • Space Engineers
  • Minecraft (Dedicated server including Java + Bedrock seperate servers)
  • Valheim and Ark on rotation (Currently Valheim)
  • Monthly Party Games (Jackbox,, etc.)

We also have an "Experimental" section where we give certain games and their communities a go:

  • Civilization
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Barotrauma
  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO


  1. All servers are dedicated and whitelist enabled when possible.
  2. Auto-Roles for games
  3. No toxicity or drama policy
  4. User feedback and server suggestions
  5. Music bots
  6. In-game events

Come hangout and play your favorite games in a quiet, relaxing setting and be a part of our growing community

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