Wabi Sabi is a social anime community designed for all types of people to make friends and hang out. We take pride in creating a safe place for people to play games, voice chat, text chat, and just vibe together. We have tons of fun bots including Mudae, Dank Memer, Anigame, Userphone, and many more. Events that are held in the server are also very fun! We do things like movie nights, among us, karaoke, and jackbox. Various giveaways are also held, with rewards being classic nitro, boost nitro, and sometimes our own donator roles! If you’re a fan of voice chats we often have them every night, from singing, vibing, laughing, chilling, playing games (minecraft, rocket league, fortnite, genshin impact, rainbow six siege), or venting, we do it all. Come make new friends from various fandoms like naruto, my hero acedemia, one piece, the promised neverland, and many more! Last but not least we enjoy meeting new people and growing new relationships that last!

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