So, what is Artistic Reality? who are we? and what makes us unique?

First of all, Artistic Reality is a server made for any arts! Let it be writing, drawing, or music! Our server is made of 3 primary divisions (with room for more!)

Our divisions are:

Art Division Music Division Writing Division

++So what is a division?++ A division is a category that has different channels, most notably of which is the “Showcase” channel that exists within every division (it’s called Shelf for writers division), on that channel and using our bot, you can showcase whatever it is you do to everyone.

++So. Why divisions?++ Artistic Reality was built around the idea of community collaboration, where groups of people within one community participate instead of individuals, this will allow us to do so many things together! having separate divisions helps bring people with one skill together in one place, to talk about what they do and practice and improve their skills together! the divisions system also allows us to create many exciting things with you guys and we can't wait to show it all to you!

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