Kaiju have begun popping up all over the Earth, causing the climate to turn violent and natural disasters to occur all over the world, leading to an event that may just send mankind and the Earth back to the stone age. The GDF (Global Defense Force) and its scientific division MONARCH are humanity's only way of fighting back and understanding these beasts, along with the G-Force, an organization dedicated to Godzilla himself.

All kaiju related franchises/shows/films, such as Ultraman, Gamera, Godzilla, and other tokusatsu that features kaiju (Zone Fighter, Spectreman, etc) are allowed. Besides kaiju, you can be aliens, tokusatsu heroes, mechs, or humans. Additionally, you can make your own OCs/Original Kaiju.

Anime stuff such as Gundam, Attack on Titan, and Evangelion is not allowed.

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