A firearms focused discord, to discuss guns, politics, the 2nd amendment, ammunition, gear, and associated topics. We do gaming, social stuff, discussions, and help each other out when needed. Everybody who likes firearms is welcome regardless of political affiliation, or particular firearms interest.

This server was created as an alternative to the other gun, hobby and diy discords, in order to provide a community with a low barrier to entry where anyone with common interests could join and talk about the things they spend their free time doing.

We hope to foster a community where everyone can share their interest without being belittled, made fun of, or dismissed for any reason. We try to allow discussion of as many things as possible, but please understand that due to the political climate and the rules of the platforms we use, there are certain topics we cannot allow on our server.

Come hang out. We're all friends, it is a loving and inclusive community where all who share these common interests are welcome. Hope to see you around!

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