This citadel isn’t like your ordinary citadel. In fact, it isn’t like any other citadel in the entire world. Hidden in plain sight, its only entrance is unassuming but promises a different realm once you enter its threshold. Trees and shrubs, though lush and green, grow to heights that obstruct the sun's light. Bisecting this overgrown garden is a winding stone path to an intricately-designed ancient building that encompasses hectares. And then you’ll ask yourself...

Who in the world let this citadel become so run down?

Set in modern Japan, it is up to the reclusive saniwa to renovate this run-down citadel along with their trusted Konnosukes and sword warriors as they also fend off the Time Retrograde Army from altering history as we know it.

Will you join us?

「Active since November 16, 2020」

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