This is Xterriaa! You may ask, what is Xterriaa? Well, Xterriaa is the infernal city that made the sixth circle of Hell and the lower circles below up. Inside Xterriaa are the heretics and pagans who laid in the fiery tombs. Throughout the city are the Dark Priests who worshiped their dark god. Dante reached the gates of the city by controlling the boatman named Phlegyas and used his great strength to smash the gates of the city down. Once he was inside, Dante must battle his way through the fiery tombs and corridors of the hellish fortress if he was to reach the seventh circle beyond. This city was created for the most dreadful sinners sent to hell; murderers, thieves, drug addicts, ect.

~ Xterriaa is a roleplay server in which you are in a city of sinners and demons. Acompanied by a companion or alone, with or against the demons.

~ This server was created for serious and detailed role players.

~ We have amazing moderation and rules that will be stood by! No messing around!

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