✧✦✧✦》✣ Welcome To Vibe Hotel ✣《✦✧✦✧

Hey welcome to Vibe Hotel, simply this community is for people to make long lasting friendships and we also focus on mental health! Feel free to come here for support or just to make friends. We are always looking for ways to improve our server, so suggestions are always appreciated! We offer a small variety of channels and bots but we are always looking for suggestions! We also promote positive vibes! Also we have a strict 0 tolerance rule against toxicity!

✧ Social Media Channels! ✧ Server Events! ✧ Positivity Channels! ✧ Custom Roles! ✧ Bots! ✧ Tech Channels! ✧ Always Looking For Suggestions! ✧ Voice Chats! And Support Channels!

We have a ton of other things in the server, such as creativity channels, gaming channels, art channels and a few others! As always we are always open to new suggestions!

Note: Our server is still very small, but we are always looking to improve!


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