▶️League of Legends Community

We offer: ▶️Giveaways (Skins, Champs, Icon and Loot) ▶️Giveaway Drops, when the chat is active! + Special Giveaways for being active on Voicechat!

▶️Boost us to get plenty of rewards! ▶️Many Events! ▶️Unique Levelsystem to unlock awesome rewards ▶️24/7 Music Bot

We have our own economy: ▶️You can earn Gemstones to purchase special Roles! ▶️Invite rewards (XP + Gemstones)

▶️LoL Baron Bot! ▶️LoL Memes! ▶️Many Emotes! ▶️➕More than 150 Roles! ▶️Suggestionbot & Polls!

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