[5e][18+][LGBTQ+ Friendly][Newbie Friendly] Looking for unfortunately souls.... I mean brave adventures to explore my dungeons! Rogue-lite dungeon crawl one shot!

About the setting: You've been suddenly teleported to this small village where everyone is unfamiliar at first, but you slowly start to remember them. When you wake up, you only have one drive: Explore the Dungeons. The Dungeon is the center of the city and an ever-changing labyrinth filled with all sorts of monsters and challenges.

Everything is randomly generated (Loot, XP, monsters) to keep everything fresh with some interesting surprises inside. You start at level one and can use any official stat determination (point buy, rolling, standard array).

The games are run on discord and Foundry Vtt. We can assist with Character creation and any questions. Foundry is easy to get used to. It's like roll20 but more interesting. Usually, a dungeon is run every day.

If you're looking for a deadly dungeon crawl run by cool DMs and a fun setting, then this is your place. This is ideal for people with sporadic schedules (like us) since we tend to run games on a whim. Absolutely no bigotry of any kind will be tolerated at the table, but everyone else is welcome!

We hope you find a cool party! Thanks https://discord.gg/9Wqn8bmFmH

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