Star Wars Mercenaries War Game Bot.

The game based on a Mercenaries War in the Star Wars universe. You can grow up to Mercenary Lord. Be the first!

In the game you can:

  • level up
  • roam for rewards
  • kill other mercenaries(PvP)
  • and enemies(PvE)
  • raid bosses
  • create clans
  • attack the clans of other mercenaries
  • use cross-server Blackmarket
  • trade with other players
  • more and more…

Home game discord(x2 daily rewards)

Invite Game Bot to your server!!

Invite Mercenaries War game bot to your own server and use cross-server Blackmarket, character level-up, have your own raid boss channel, personal game bot setup, and more features...

Commands list

Use t-help in the channel for the full commands list.

To start play, use the t-activate command first, it will activate your account on the current server. To see more about a command, use t-help <command>

Thank the first, but do not relax, you may be attacked at any time...

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