Welcome to the Ultimate Matcha Server! A new matcha themed server about animes/mangas/LNs/WNs. We are a tight-knit and friendly community open to anyone that wants to join!

? We have a variety of fun bots to mess around with: ➜ Leveling ➜ Pokemon ➜ Epic RPG ➜ Ultimate RPG ➜ OwO ➜ Piggy ➜ Dio ➜ Tatsu ➜ Aki ➜ Level Roles

? Occasional Bot Giveaways

? Japanese, Korean, and Chinese learning channels to help people read raws (teachers are always welcome!)

Since we are a new server, any suggestions are welcome. We hope to personalize the server for all of our members. A fun and nice staff and a great community based around otaku culture awaits you!

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