The forests are wide, free, and sometimes dangerous. The village is calm and safe. Seasons pass as time goes on, and so too will these cats. Will they leave lineage? Stories of their lives? Carnage even? Or just the whispers of a feline that once might have been.

Come join No Cats' Land, where everything is for the taking and you make the rules.

PG-13 community.

Realistic appearances and realistic to semi realistic knowledge/behavior.

Pre-established and mapped world with sandbox storyline.

Prompts and member led plot.

Start your own groups within the roleplay.

Be good, evil, and anywhere in between.

Special applications open.

Friendly community and staff.

Weekly activities.

Fun bots.

Unique achievements and rewards.

Realistic roll system used in extreme situations.

Regular improvements and updates.

Affiliates/Partners welcome.

Advertisement swaps welcome.

Feral, stray, or housecats wanted.

Self claimable roles.

Literate with an easy three sentence minimum.

Casual rules and activity requirement.

Lurkers welcome.

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