"Alright, MAGGOTS. It's fuckin' time I get in charge around here. Last headmaster was too fuckin' soft and let the kiddos get away without much of a damn fight! And the first headmaster? A fuckin' idiot. Terrifying, but an overall DUMBASS. See a pattern? All the headmasters have been utter shit. Not any-fuckin'-longer, though, BITCH."

Oh goodness, oh my! This isn't the school field-trip you signed up for... What you and your parents thought was an innocent school-field trip turned out to be a trip into a living nightmare... but who could've known? This field trip had been talked about by the schools for a while now, even before the World's First Danganronpa took place... How did this happen?

You don't know-- and don't have time to try and know. Now you, and 15 other students, are faced with what has been deemed the first official Snowno-Corp Field Trip of Horrific Hatred! .... a mouthful....

A military based designed by the one and only Snowno-Corp (who?)?! One that supposedly contains... aliens... and... a killing game!?

Will you survive? Will you falter to hatred? Or will you survive? And have your desires push you on?

Or are your desires produced by hatred?


  • Submissions are opened!
  • You can submit a max of three submissions (only one will be picked)!
  • Submissions due by April 24th, 2021. - Roleplay begins May 15th, 2021!
  • Tupperbox allowed!
  • New Killing Game Mechanics!

Hey guys, we're back again with season three of Ronpadang! This season I am aiming for a more despairing roleplay. I feel like with most Danganronpa RPs, the despair can sometimes not be too powerful? Since people have to die to progress the game... So! This season of Ronpadang will work MUCH differently than the previous seasons did. For example, if everyone plays their cards right... EVERYONE CAN SURVIVE.

And that's only ONE of the many differences and new ideas you'll find within this season. I really hope to see you all here! Even if you submit and don't get in, we'd love to have you stick around.

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