Oneiro. A universe that harbors the beauty of several magical kingdoms Home to the center of this dimension - The Carthonian Kingdom. A Kingdom ruled by the son of the Moon and a dethroned, corrupt Sultan. Set in the middle of the desert in this universe, lies the home of the City of Jewels that harbors every creature and forms of magic that you could ever imagine. This fantasy, Middle-Eastern kingdom welcomes everyone with open arms and doors to explore an ever-expanding world.

Any traveler of dimensions entering Carthon is required to be 18+. This server provides both non-erotic and erotic roleplay, a hub station for those who want one or both of them.

This server is a fantasy RP server for adults who seek an interesting and continuously developing lore and kingdoms that serve home for different climates, creatures, magic and technology. An important part of our server is for you to help develop the world - your opinions matter. We have our own custom economy and provide opportunities to those who want to build their business within the channel, making it close to real-life business scenarios.

Come, take a look! We are an active community of people with different kinks and interests, where you are bound to find someone to play out your hidden desires with. Welcome to the Sandbox, a universe filled with mysteries and magic!

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